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i agree singing blueflo, freedom comes from within, each of us is like an elephant with achain around our ankles.

when an elephant is a baby, they put a chain around his ankle to control him, he does not realize that as an adult he can break that chain at any time; aren't we all in a similar situation, we allow others to be in control, give our individually, then feel like victims of our own, bondage choice.

freedom can only happen when each of us says no more, i am taking responsibility for my own life.

only then can we truly say'LET FREEDOM RING".






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Singing Blue Flo
Freedom to me is is a mindset. My freedom lies within myself and my spirit. Freedom is not physical. Freedom is not emotional. It is spiritual. My spirit is truly free. I brought this topic up at a discussion group that I attend. The roomful of people were totally silent. So silent you could here a pin drop. Most people have a limited understanding of what freedom truly is. It didn't surprise me when the room became silent. I subscribe to a newsletter sent to me in my inbox. There is a process of removing spiritual and emotional baggage. That stuff will really tie us up and weight us down..if we don't do something about it. Lack of freedom is a negative space that most people don't know how to get out of. Simply because they weren't taught this or just are unsure of how to get out of this. Our lives are so consumed with running at such a rapid pace that we have forgotten how to slow down and enjoy the more important things in life. Being able to slow down and see the forest for the trees is what is most important. Slow down. Breathe deep. See the sun set. Enjoy the works of creation. Take it in and enjoy. This is one way of slowing down. Freedom is having peace and serenity in my soul. Peace be with you all!
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